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Discussions on “Re-Purposing Derry”

Work is to begin shortly on extending Derry’s waterfront spaces and limit traffic within the walled city centre. Infrastructure Minister Nicola Mallon said that the Derry project is just the first in a series of innovative green infrastructure initiatives planned to support recovery and changes in how people travel.

It was also reported that M&S Chief Steve Rowe said Coronavirus is changing shopping habits ‘for ever’.

So Chamber posed the question: how can Derry respond to change due to Covid and cater for the safe return of people into the City Centre both for work and leisure? at a videoconference meeting on Thursday 28 May.

We are collating the great ideas put forward by Chamber members into both short-term and longer-term proposals for sharing with City stakeholders and decision makers.

Some important work has already been done, not least of which was the Walled City conference: Unlocking Prosperity through Heritage Led Regeneration, which took place at the end of 2018. The recommendations that resulted from the conference dovetail neatly into today’s conversations and you can read the full document here Unlocking Prosperity through Heritage Led Regeneration Conference – Report & Recommendations