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Catalyst Co-Founders Opens for 2022 Applications

Co-Founders is a unique entrepreneurship programme that helps you form a team with like-minded individuals, build creative confidence and develop a product that customers really want. It comprises two areas of focus: 

  • how to be a Co-Founder and; 
  • how to develop a product and growth mindset. 

Co-Founders is open to ambitious and talented individuals or established teams interested in developing new product/service innovation focused on science, technology and engineering. 

The programme has attracted diverse participants such as: software engineers, data scientists, sales and marketing experts, medical professionals, mechanical engineers, researchers, undergraduates and PhDs – as well as professionals with many years of experience. 

The programme has a two phased approach.  Phase 1 (Co-Founders Core) focuses on co-founding a start-up team and validating your team’s start-up idea.  It’s a competitive process and if successful you will graduate onto phase two of the programme (Co-Founders+), which focuses on accelerating your start-up journey. 

Co-Founders is open to individuals who are curious and want to gain an understanding of product development and the world of start-ups. 

You could be someone with an idea for an exciting new product and need a team to make it happen – or you might have experienced success in your career to date, but want to help someone else get their idea off the ground. 

Established team can also apply, allowing you to potentially add further expertise to your team. 

Graduating as one of the winning teams will also grant access to Co-Founders+, the second phase of the programme, that begins the process of development and rapid growth.  

To apply, please visit: LINK