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Chamber President Aidan O’Kane reacts to the resignation of Paul Givan MLA as the First Minister of Northern Ireland

Reacting to the resignation of Paul Givan MLA as First Minister of Northern Ireland, Londonderry Chamber President Aidan O’Kane said:

“Political instability like this does nothing for anybody in Northern Ireland. We had an absent Assembly for three years recently and it served no positive purpose for anyone in our communities. It does nothing for our hospital waiting lists, currently the worst in the entirety of the UK; it does nothing for families struggling with the exponential rise in the cost of living; it does nothing to tackle the ongoing pandemic; and it does nothing to support our businesses as they look to rebuild and recover.

“Northern Ireland deserves a better politics, one which isn’t characterised by lurching from one crisis to another on a regular basis. This place will only thrive when our political leaders commit to grown up politics, based on mutual respect and collaboration. Businesses in the North West need – and demand – certainty and stability. There are a number of outstanding commitments which our region must see completed including the expansion of Magee to 10,000 students, increased and improved rail provision, the financial sustainability of our regional airport, the completion of the A5, and the full roll-out of the City Deal projects – an absent or hamstrung Executive delivers nothing for the North West.

“The Chamber calls on all our political parties to commit to ensuring this certainty which business and society craves, and to work together in a collaborative fashion to overcome any issues.”