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Derry and Letterkenny Chambers meet with Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney TD

On Friday, 19 February, Derry and Letterkenny Chambers virtually met with Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney TD. The Minister updates North-West businesses on the NI Protocol, the Shared Island Unit, New Decade, New Approach commitments. He further praised co-operation between our two Chambers.

Commenting after the meeting, Derry Chamber President Dawn McLaughlin and Letterkenny Chamber President Michael Margey said in a joint statement:

“We welcomed this morning’s joint engagement with Minister Coveney and his input on several challenges facing the North West business community including new post-Brexit trading arrangements, the NI Protocol, the ongoing response to Covid, and the Irish Government’s commitment to the North West. Our two Chambers outlined to Minister Coveney the challenges facing businesses on both sides of the border as a result of the UK’s exit from the EU and we urged him and his government to work constructively with the EU, the UK, and the NI Executive to overcome any hurdles with practical solutions.

“We also stressed to the Minister the ongoing impact of Covid restrictions on businesses and the perilous position of many of our members across the North West. It is crucial that financial support schemes remain in place well into the summer across the island to protect businesses and save jobs. Our two governments must now also begin designing a roadmap out of restrictions, specify clearly to businesses what will be required to reopen and begin trading again, and put in place stimulus packages to give our struggling businesses a vital boost.

“Finally, Minister Coveney reiterated his government’s commitment to the entire North West. Proper investment in infrastructure, jobs, and education has the power to unlock the full potential of the North West City Region and we look forward to working with the Irish Government to realise this potential.”