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BuySupplyNI offering easy way to link with local suppliers throughout Northern Ireland

Are you a buyer or supplier within the manufacturing, construction or engineering sectors in NI?

BuySupplyNI.com has been upgraded and streamlined to facilitate a quick and easy way to link local suppliers with large manufacturing, construction and engineering companies throughout Northern Ireland. By registering your company details online at buysupplyni.com, buyers and suppliers now have instant access to a wider local market for much needed components some of which have been affected by supply chain issues.  Now more than ever there are added advantages of reduced costs of sourcing materials and components; reduced lead times for the delivery of finished goods; and a greater ability to manage and communicate with suppliers.  What’s more this service is free and open to all buyers and suppliers throughout Northern Ireland.

If you are a major buyer of parts and components from outside N.I., the BuySupplyNI portal enables you to source your requirements online from local suppliers.  It will put your company and the products you need in front of a wide range of suppliers, facilitating you to make connections to buy locally, improve procurement speed and efficiency, build relationships, create supply opportunities, saving time and money whilst increasing your audience exposure.

For local suppliers interested in supplying, the BuySupplyNI portal will enable you to promote your company and showcase the range of products you offer directly to a wide range of potential buyers. Buyers with an appetite to buy local have direct access to the site, which ultimately allows you to make better connections to sell, grow your business and increase your audience exposure.

There are significant potential benefits for large manufacturing, construction and engineering firms, local SME suppliers and for the local economy.

Find out more about the advantages of using BuySupplyNI, register for free online at www.buysupplyni.com, email [email protected] or telephone 028 2563 3345.