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Catalyst Co-Founders programme applications close on Monday

Catalyst Co-Founders is a free 10-week part time educational programme for those curious about the start-up world. Do you have an early-stage idea for a start-up and want to find a co-founder?  Or are you a skilled individual who could bring technical or commercial skills to a team?

Co-founders Programme starts with a Hot House Weekend on Friday 19th February Saturday 20rh February, and thereafter it will run for 10 weeks online.

This is a one-of-a-kind programme which is free of charge and is open to people from the North West region. At the end of the process the best 5 teams will receive £10,000 proof of concept funding to help progress their idea.

Being part of the programme introduces you to the Catalyst Community and the support and network that we can provide individuals or business who are starting out and are looking to grow and succeed. As with all our programmes.  This is a great opportunity for individuals to gain new skills, network with like-minded individuals and dip their toe in the start-up scene.

The deadline is Monday 8th February, the application form only takes 10 minutes to fill out and can be found here

Any queries contact Jacqueline McCann, Programme Co-ordinator on [email protected]

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