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Declaring ‘at risk’ goods with the UK Trader Scheme Webinar

If you bring goods from GB-NI, or a country outside the EU, you may need to pay EU customs duty unless you can declare (prove) those goods are not ‘at risk’ of being moved on to the European Union, including to the Republic of Ireland.

Companies can only declare goods as not ‘at risk’ if they are authorised to do so under the UK Trader Scheme.

Taking place on Wednesday 28 April, this webinar will explain:

  • How the UK Trader Scheme works
  • How to apply for the UK Trader Scheme to declare your goods not ‘at risk’
  • How you may able to declare some of your consignments as not ‘at risk’ based on previous trading experience.

Following the presentation representatives from HMRC will answer your questions.

For further information, including how to register for the event, please visit the LINK

For businesses who have already applied for the UK Trader Scheme, and want to start using apportionment, please email [email protected] to inform them of your plans.