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Diageo launch ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’

Society 2030: Spirit of Progress, is Diageo’s new 10-year action plan to help create a more inclusive and sustainable world. This will build on our existing initiatives through a new, ambitious action plan aimed at delivering more for our communities and our planet over the next decade.

We will focus on three core areas, carefully selected to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): promoting positive drinking; championing inclusion and diversity; and pioneering grain-to-glass sustainability.

1. We will promote positive drinking by changing the way the world drinks for the better by celebrating moderation and continuing to address alcohol-related harm.

2. We will champion inclusion & diversity across our business, with our business partners and with our communities, to celebrate diversity and help shape a tolerant society.

3. We will pioneer grain to glass sustainability by preserving and replenishing water where we operate; supporting smallholder farmers, reducing waste, and improving the sustainability of our packaging.

Highlights from the Society 2030: Spirit of Progress plan include:
Promoting positive drinking
• Diageo will reach more than one billion people with messages of moderation from its brands.
• Diageo will change the attitudes of five million drivers towards drink driving.
• Diageo will educate over 10 million people on the dangers of drinking underage through ‘SMASHED’, Diageo’s award-winning alcohol education awareness programme, now operating in every continent.

Championing inclusion and diversity

• Diageo will build on its strong track record of inclusion and diversity by setting an industry-leading ambition to have 45% representation of leaders from ethnically diverse backgrounds by 2030 as well as 50% of all leaders being women.

• Diageo will also provide skills and training to over 1.7m people to help support an inclusive and thriving hospitality sector.
Pioneering grain-to-glass sustainability

• Diageo has committed to working towards a low-carbon future, harnessing 100% renewable energy to achieve net zero carbon emissions for direct operations and working with suppliers to reduce indirect carbon emissions by 50%.

• As the first step in its net zero ambition, Diageo’s prestigious Scottish distilleries of Oban and Royal Lochnagar will both become carbon neutral by the end of 2020 and Diageo will aim to achieve net zero in India by 2025.

• By 2030 Diageo will ensure that every drink it produces will take 30% less water to make than it does today and will achieve a net positive water impact in our key water stressed basins and communities.

• It will also deliver over 150 community water projects across the world, including providing access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

• Diageo will support over 150,000 smallholder farmers to regenerate land and build biodiversity.

• By 2030 Diageo will ensure that the business is using 100% recycled content in plastic packaging; and 100% of Diageo’s packaging will be widely recyclable.

• The launch of Diageo’s ‘Sustainable Solutions, a global platform that will provide non-equity funding to start-up and technology companies in order to develop to help Diageo continue to embed sustainability in its supply chain and brands.
You can also find out more information on www.Diageo.com.