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Fleming Agri announce launch of new website

Fleming Agri is pleased to announce that we have launched our new, updated website- www.fleming-agri.com. Due to the global pandemic, we were unable to attend trade shows this year so we decided to update our website and make our products more accessible for our dealers and customers.

The new website has a clear, engaging homepage with the 3 most popular sections easily accessible with clear buttons. The products are split into our Compact range and our Agricultural range for ease of access with relevant photos. We also have a full drop-down product section which takes you straight to the product you require more information on.

The parts section is also easy to access from our homepage, with over 1200 parts available and many that are compatible with other brands as well. All parts can be ordered and paid for online for delivery. All parts books are available on our download section so you can be sure you are getting the right part.

We have launched a new merchandise section on our website as well, which is easily accessed under our products drop down menu. The merchandise can be ordered and processed through our online store, similarly to our parts section.

Our new find a dealer section now has a live map, showing our full global network of dealers, with the option of getting directions to your nearest dealer.

We have worked with a local web design company WebsiteNI to create an inventive, quality website, that clearly displays our product range to our different product groups. We are very grateful for their hard work to turn our vision into reality.