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Learning Pool’ s experience of adapting business in the Covid-19 crisis

Learning Pool  solutions offer:

elearning delivered at the moment of need, on any device, using the most appropriate learning approach

and this is exactly the approach they have taken to support their existing customers in the last few difficult weeks.

  • They are providing valuable training at the point of need for key workers in health, social care, and local government, supporting customers to onboard people quickly and often remotely to deliver critical services
  • They have given away a range of online learning resources to help businesses keep their staff safe and informed through the crisis. So far 20,000 people have benefited from this training at absolutely no cost.
    [ see here: https://learningpool.com/solutions/ready-made-elearning-catalogues/coronavirus-course-essentials/]
  • They are running a range of free, online events to help their customers stay informed and promoting how to use this time to engage with employees and support them through this change.