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LYIT and UU partner to deliver Research Masters in North West Fintech clusters

As part of LYIT’s exciting new Research Postgraduate opportunities at both Masters and PhD level, the Institute are teaming up with Ulster University to deliver a Masters project in the Faculty of Business investigating the emerging Cross Border Industry clusters in the North West.

Led by Dr Isobel Cunningham of LYIT and Dr Laura Bradley of UU, the aim of this project is to identify and examine clusters located in the North West region of Ireland with a focus on Fintech clusters operating cross border.

The successful candidate will identify, map, provide analysis and present a visualisation of these clusters. The project will:
▪ Undertake cluster mapping of various clusters in the North West of Ireland including crossborder
▪ Identify the strength of the clusters based on the 4 pillars – networking/collaboration, skills
development/training, research and innovation and internationalisation.
▪ Analyse what is required in order for clusters to function, collaborate and co-operate
▪ Identify best practice in clusters in other cross-border region(s).

The candidate will have a minimum of a 2.1 in an undergraduate degree in a business discipline.

To find out more about this course, as well as other Postgraduate Research Opportunities at LYIT, visit: LINK.