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NWRC offers free online Dementia Awareness course

North West Regional College’s (NWRC) Business Support Centre (BSC) are offering a Level 1 OCN accredited Dementia Awareness 5-week course which is fully funded by the Department for the Economy through the Skills Intervention Programme.
The online course will help learners understand the different types and stages of Dementia; how to manage symptoms of Dementia; be familiar with the types of supporting organisations; and understand types of information and records that should be maintained when caring for someone living with Dementia.

NWRC Curriculum Hub Manager in Health and Social Care, Caroline McKeever explained: ‘’I developed this course from having spent two years exploring Dementia and symptom management in countries such as Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands and Austria, as part of an Erasmus funded European project. Input from Dementia experts from each of these countries made significant contributions and demonstrated these best practices at the College in May 2018.

‘’Following on from the success of this International Conference, where participants gained the opportunity to implement some of the strategies in practice, NWRC is delighted to continue supporting communities, families and Health and Social Care employers through the delivery of this unique course. We also had great feedback from our first cohort of students which showed that they would highly recommend this course to others and that they now feel more confident to manage symptoms.’’

NWRC Business Skills Manager, Sinead Hawkins, added: ‘’The past months have been difficult for all of us and I can only imagine how confusing and scary these unprecedented times must be for those with Dementia. This fully funded course by the Department for the Economy gives additional support for carers during this hard time and provides them with the practical help and expert advice in how they can improve their loved one’s daily lives.’’

The online course will commence on Tuesday 3rd November from 10am – 12.30pm and learners will require access to a computer or mobile device and internet access.

For more information about the Dementia Awareness course email [email protected] or to apply visit: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=byooLPyglkWczCN48bTPHtnjpQ7MuhpPuEOpLCXJEC5URTk2U09UM082M085VThKM0hUTEdaN1NSUi4u