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School Employer Connections survey

SEC (School Employer Connections) would be delighted if employers could spend 5 minutes completing the below questionnaire.

As we are not able to engage students with industry in the usual way due to Covid 19, we are building a virtual careers library for students and are keen to get as much information on different jobs as possible. We are sending employers the below questionnaire (does not take long to complete) to find out about different jobs within organisations.

Many of our students wonder about the job roles that exist in industry.

We are also interested in receiving any promotional materials that companies may use e.g. promotional films, advice on apprenticeships that could be useful to students and provide some promotion for companies.

We will upload all information received on to our website.

The questionnaire can be located at the following link:


We would be delighted to receive information on as many job roles as possible (so please feel free to share), and also provide students with the most up to date information about the company as possible.