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Ulster University seeking student work placement opportunities

At Ulster University we recognise that employers across all sectors are adjusting in response to the unprecedented nature of COVID-19.  Our students can make a valuable contribution to your business during these challenging times. We are proud of the impact our students have made in supporting all sectors of our economy during these times of uncertainty.

We are sourcing work placement opportunities for students studying towards degrees across multiple disciplines. These students are required to complete a work placement in the area of their study to enable them to achieve the Diploma in Professional Practice.

• All placements must be confirmed by 1st December
• Placements can commence between October and at the latest January 2021
• Students must complete minimum 15 weeks work placement – this can be with one employer or with multiple employers for shorter periods to make up the 15 weeks – therefore if a shorter placement period appeals to you we can still promote this opportunity
• Placements can include a remote working environment such as a student’s home
• Students can still undertake placements in the workplace, where health and safety measures are in place to protect employees, such as social distancing.

Benefits to your business
• You could attract the best talent for your organisation with a specific set of skills or knowledge.
• Raise your business profile among our students and graduates.
• Gain the support and expertise of our Employability and Careers team.

Benefits to students
• Students who undertake a placement are 94% more likely to gain higher academic outcomes or graduate employment within six months of graduating than those who don’t.
• Students who undertake a placement can gain additional academic credit through the Diploma in Professional Practice.
• Placements contribute to increased success in the students’ academic studies and their future careers.

If you are interested to discuss further, please email: [email protected] and a member of the team will respond to you.