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Retail businesses reopened today!

We couldn’t let this Friday pass without celebrating the good news that many retail businesses have reopened today!

All goods retailers can reopen from 12 June 2020 with appropriate social distancing and safety measures to protect workers and customers

The Northern Ireland Executive has announced that all goods retailers can reopen from Friday 12 June 2020. This includes the activities of repair shops and auctions.

This means the sectors that are mainly covered by SIC code 47 (retail trade, except the trade of motor vehicles and motorcycles) will no longer be restricted from opening to sell goods.

Standard Industrial Classification codes (SIC codes) describe the nature of a business – you can access a full list of SIC codes on the GOV.UK website.

Previous restrictions around direct street access will also be lifted. As a result, these retailers will be permitted to reopen regardless of location, including those located within shopping centres.

Outdoor markets and auction houses will also be permitted to reopen.

However, the following businesses are not permitted to reopen under the announced changes:

  • spas
  • nail, beauty, hair salons and barbers
  • massage parlours
  • tattoo and piercing parlours