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SONI launch public consultation on the electricity future of Northern Ireland

SONI have launched a public consultation on their four draft approaches to ensuring at least 70% of Northern Ireland’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2030.

The Economy Minister, Diane Dodds MLA, has stated her ambition that Northern Ireland should target at least 70% clean electricity by 2030. At present, over 40% of NI’s electricity comes from such clean sources.  To meet this 70% target, significant changes must be made to our electricity grid to make it stronger and more flexible. The grid will need to carry more power, and most of this power will come from renewable generation that varies depending on the weather.

In this public consultation document, SONI are seeking views on their four draft approaches to agree on their approach to reach the 2030 goal. These approaches are: generation-led, developer-led, technology-led and demand-led.

The consultation is open until 12 noon on 14 June 2021. To respond you can make an online submission using the following link, or you can complete the online questionnaire here.