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Traders Support Service Update: SFDs for Controlled Goods

Changes to the Traders Support Service processes affecting the movement of controlled goods have been announced. These changes relate to the data fields submitted to TSS to create a Simplified Frontier Declaration (SFD). From 8 March, TSS will now be submitting the SFDs for controlled goods to HMRC’s Customs Declaration Service (CDS) to give you more time to prepare.

Most controlled goods require a form of licence, certificate or authorisation and these are obtained by the government department who governs control of these goods. The information will need to be included in the data you provide to TSS and declared in the correct format. If there is missing information the declaration will be rejected by the system. Details on these requirements are outlined in their data guide (here)

To find out the controls that apply to the goods you move please check the NI Online Tariff (see here for help on how to use the tool). If you move agricultural goods, we have developed guidance that you can refer to.  If you need further details on controls and associated licences, certificates and documentation, you should refer to the appropriate authority.

TSS has guides on what additional information you need to provide and how to enter it into the TSS portal when submitting declarations. Please refer to the data guide and the user guide.

If you are having trouble submitting your SFD for controlled goods, please visit this guidance for more information on how to handle CDS  error codes, please visit Supplementary Declaration Error Codes Guidance – Northern Ireland Customs and Trade Academy (nicustomstradeacademy.co.uk)

On 16 March, the Chamber will provide a full update on the free-to-use digital Trader Support Service. You can sign up using the following link: https://bit.ly/TraderSupport