How to Reduce Tax and Optimise your Businesses' Financial Security


20 February 2024    
09:30 - 11:30


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Londonderry Chamber of Commerce Boardroom
16 Bishop Street, Derry, Londonderry, BT48 6PW

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During this session, we’ll spotlight the increasing number of business owners and delve into the implications of being a business owner, focusing on the necessity for financial planning and offering insights on how to enhance tax efficiency.

Next, we’ll explore the advantages of pensions, examining the implications of the annual allowance and how earnings influence the pension allocation. We’ll delve into topics like the limited company, the ‘wholly and exclusively’ rule, and the mechanics of dividend taxation. Comparisons will be drawn among the three profit extraction options – salary, dividends, and pension contributions. Additionally, we’ll delve into the types of assets permissible in a pension, including commercial property and business premises.

Furthermore, we’ll address the importance of both a personal financial plan and a business plan.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Compare Profit Extraction Options: Gain the ability to compare different ways business owners can withdraw profits from their business, exploring various investment options.
  2. Highlight Pension Benefits: Assist business owners and key employees in comprehending the advantages of pensions, specifically in relation to business owners and key employees.
  3. Tax-Reducing Investment Options: Delve into investment choices that have the potential to minimise tax implications for business owners.
  4. Prioritise Protection in Retirement Planning: Understand how protection should be a key consideration for business owners who are planning on using their business to fund retirement.
  5. Emphasise Personal and Business Planning: Recognise the benefits of developing both a personal and a business plan for comprehensive financial success.

Facilitated by:
Sinead Meenan – Wealth Management Director/ Chartered Financial Planning – Benchmark Financial Planning

Aimed at:
Business owners, key employees and directors


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