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Chamber customers can now apply for European Community Certificates of Origin online using e-Cert.

Chamber customers can now apply for European Community Certificates of Origin online using e-Cert The advantages of using e-Certs are:

  • Free access 24 hours a day
  • Allows businesses to create European Community Certificates of Origin and Invoices
  • Stores information on a database for future use
  • Saves on processing times
  • Saves money on courier and postage costs

Steps on how to Register for Online Certificates with the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce

  1. Register as a new user on e-z Cert UK, this will provide you with an 'i2i Passport' log in which you can use to log into any i2i affiliated web site, including e-z CertUK.

  2. After you have logged into e-z Cert UK with your new user log in, you will be re-directed to the company account setup page where you have the option to create a new company account. This will register your company to use the e-z Cert service and enable you to apply for certificates of origin online.

  3. Once you have setup a new e-z Cert company account you will be automatically redirected to the 'Formal Undertakings' page.

In order to have documents certified by your chosen chamber of commerce, you are required to have a signed ‘Formal Undertaking Agreement’ in place, your e-zCert company account cannot be accessed until this agreement has been completed to the satisfaction of your chosen chamber of commerce and the chamber have authorised your account.

It is on this ‘Formal Undertakings’ page where you can download the required documents. These must be completed fully and the original copy posted to Carol Kelly at the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.

After your e-z Cert company account has been enabled you will have access to the ‘Home Page’ of your chosen chamber of commerce.

If you have any queries on exporting or would like to register for e-cert please contact us below.

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