Today, the Derry and Causeway Chambers of Commerce have agreed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on issues affecting the membership of both bodies.

The agreement between the Chambers sets out a common framework for working together to represent the interests of businesses across the North West and Causeway regions.

The partnership aims to further economic development of the wider North West region, advocate on behalf of the region’s business community, and promote investment into the North West and Causeway, with a particular focus on connectivity, tourism and growth.

It comes at a time when all our businesses are fighting serious issues including the cost of doing business and continued instability from a lack of Northern Ireland Government.

Londonderry Chamber President Greg McCann said:

“For years, we have worked closely with the Causeway Chamber and in recent months, we have sought to tackle some existential threats to business in the North West. The cost of doing business has spiraled out of control, and as our own survey in September shows, it is now pushing many businesses to the brink.”

“This formal partnership will strengthen the voice of the business community in this region. It will focus on developing our capacity to attract inward investment and ensure we can compete on a fair footing against other parts of Northern Ireland.”

James Kilgore, Causeway Chamber President, added:

“In the past, our collaboration with Chamber colleagues in Derry has been instrumental in promoting our members’ interests. Now, with the establishment of this formal partnership, we will work further to address the key issues facing our local economy and bring about more investment in the region. This recognises that given how interconnected we are, investment in the wider North West and Causeway region benefits all of us.”

“In these uncertain times, unity is our greatest strength, and in working together, we hope to build a more vibrant, sustainable and prosperous regional economy that continues to punch above its weight on the world stage.” This agreement will allow the Chamber to continue to fight for business across the North West, and is a testament to the relationship that has been built over the past few years between the Derry Chamber and the Causeway Chamber.