Derry City FC has a rich history of success and is a powerhouse in Irish football. Their dedication and sportsmanship on the field continue to inspire us at Impact-NI. Our partnership with Derry City FC is built on common values, including the pursuit of excellence and a strong sense of community.

Established in 1928, the club has had no shortage of successes during its run. Derry City FC is a prominent figure in the League of Ireland and the only participant from Northern Ireland, making them truly unique. More recently the club has been competing at the highest levels of Irish football, consistently challenging for league titles.

Derry City FC is actively involved in their local community, participating in various outreach programs, charity events, and youth development initiatives. Their commitment to their community goes beyond the football pitch.

Recently we visited Brandywell stadium to watch the Derry City vs University College Dublin match in which the work ethic of the team was on display for all to see, winning the match with 6 outstanding goals.

There are no limits on what Derry City FC can achieve next on their journey, a journey we are proud to be a part of.