RiverRidge is Northern Ireland’s leading waste management company. Operating some of the most sophisticated facilities in the UK, across its five sites and treating over 400,000mt of waste, for 10,000 municipal customers each year.

Subsequently handling the journey of waste from start to finish, including treatment, transfer and end disposal. RiverRidge is the only operator in the region that has access to its own waste-to energy facility, Full Circle Generation in Belfast’s Harbour Estate.

RiverRidge services over 95% of the region’s postcodes and focus on using innovation to drive the transformation of waste management. From a disposal-orientated approach, to one which utilises its substantial treatment and recovery infrastructure to fully maximise recycling and energy recovery.

Working with customers to find the right waste management solution for their needs, RiverRidge focuses on achieving the highest level of recycling, with systems that achieve the lowest carbon footprint and achieve a zero to landfill outcome. It has played a pivotal role in enabling the achievement of landfill diversion strategies by the region’s local authorities and has become a critical part of Northern Ireland’s sustainable future.

As it looks to the future, RiverRidge has adopted a new vision, ‘To treat waste as a valuable resource to ensure a positive outcome for our planet and communities.’

This vision contributes to the company’s longer-term sustainability strategy, that will also see it become energy self-sufficient at its Craigmore site, in addition to one of its key projects that converts black bin waste to green energy, that will subsequently be used to fuel the company’s entire fleet.